Friday, March 14, 2014

Found in Translation

Antony Loewenstein is delighted that his (ahem) best-seller is available in the Arab World.
I’m told the book is available in most Arab countries.
Nearly one in every three Arabs is illiterate. It's a perfect fit!

Antony, famous for silencing any dissent on his blog boasts:
I’m happy that this title continues to generate debate in the Arab world where a dissident Jewish, atheist voice isn’t too often heard.
In some Arab countries, Jews are forbidden from entering the country. In others, they are simply massacred. No wonder they aren't heard from. There's not many atheists elsewhere who would simultaneously describe themselves as Jewish either.

As for the "debate" being generated by his book?
In 2013 my first book My Israel Question was translated and published in Arabic by the Lebanese-based publisher All Prints. The name was changed to Cases Against Israel.
The Arabs have answered his Israel Question well and truly. HIs original publishers Melbourne University Press apparently couldn't. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I think you should add the blog Israellycool to your blogroll. It is very informative and funny.

Hellen Barnaby

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Ant L said...

Oh Dan (sigh).

Professional jealousy will get you not very far at all. You with your quaint but poignant notions of truth and good and evil are going nowhere. Get out into the real world, my friend. Stop huddling in your ghetto of a bolog, clinging to your guns and Torah.

Look at moi! You are fixated on my limitations whereas I have transcended them. My work reaches all people. It doesn't matter if they alliterate, just as long as they buy my book.

Here's the trick for modern success - pick the designated victim group with the most cachet and empathise with them. Don't fret about facts, truth, grammar or speelling. They are irrelevant.

Face reality and get with the times. Traditional ant-Semitism is reasserting itself. Jews are on the nose with the intelligentsia. As my case shows you can go a long way on a little talent if you adopt the right posture. All you need do is bend over and bark loudly.

11:31 AM  

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