Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Miss Oginy

So here's how it goes.

A sign calling Julia Gillard a witch? Outrage. Speeches in parliament citing a culture of misogyny and demanding Tony Abbott's head. For a sign held by a stranger at a demonstration.

So we should expect similar outrage over this charming placard from last-weekend's demonstration.

Somehow I don't expect Tanya Plibersek and the 'Handbag Hitsquad' getting too worked up about it.

See the idiots in the background wearing (or not) Guy Fawkes masks made famous in the movie V for Vendetta? I wonder if the anti-corporationey types know that every purchase of those masks is money straight to Time Warner, owner of the image.

Update: When "bestselling author" Antony Loewenstein was invited as a speaker to the demo, I was wondering if he'd manage to blame the Australian budget on a Zionist conspiracy. Antony didn't disappoint.
Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have furthered this trend because Labor assisted the groundwork, sharing the same neo-liberal agenda. These politicians mostly go to the same parties, attend the same think-tank events and romance the same reporters. It’s a cosy club that gets a warm reception in the US and Israeli embassies.
and any other Embassy hosting a party or think-tank event. The warm reception is called diplomacy. But a fiendish Zionist conspiracy is so much more exciting, isn't it?


Anonymous Ant L said...

It is nice that you pay so much attention to my career, Dan, but sad that you don't seem to imbibe the secretions of my success.

The vulture capitalism purveyed by the Great Satan is an excrescence of the criminal financial conspiracy perpetrated by the elites of the Little Satan and its diaspora.

Lickspittle politicians in Australia are willingful pawns of the two Satans. This explains everything about the Hokey budget. So there you have it Dan - my creativity genius is in joining the dots between Zionism and all that is wrong with the wrold. This is not hard and it pays well. Forget your antiquated scruples and try it.

3:04 PM  

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