Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sydney Punctuation Festival

Antony Loewenstein is speaking not once, but three times at the (taxpayer funded) Sydney "Writers" Festival.

Loewenstein's latest blog post promoting this is headlined "On the importance of Twitter as an author and journalist"

Twitter isn't an author or a journalist. Those are both careers which require a basic understanding of punctuation that Loewenstein lacks. When asked by the Sydney Morning Herald, Loewestein wrote, of Twitter:
It allows me to connect with people around the world who I wouldn’t normally speak to – journalists, activists, writers, dissidents, and because I write about issues in the Middle East or issues of immigration detention in Australia, I find invaluable information from writers to refugees to activists who don’t normally have a voice in mainstream media.
That's a single sentence.

Loewenstein adds:
I tweet a lot. But I do have a rule that I don't talk about my personal life, partner, family or where I'm going.
Probably because his own family regard Loewenstein as an embarrassment and nobody is interested in visits to Centrelink and Newtown coffee shops.

I wonder if Loewy's presentation three presentations to the Writers Festival will pack the room as hard as he did in his address to the "Australian Society of Authors" which even managed to clear the stage.

That shopping bag didn't buy a ticket.



Anonymous Ant L said...

You are such a sour little sausage aren't you, Dan? Just look at yourself! You are all alone in this deserted dilapidated blog, blathering incoherently about successful ppl. No wonder it is bereft of readerships.

Your raging case of punctuation infatuation is soooo comically comical. Intellectual celebrities such as moi are impervious to it. We live in postmodern timeses. People don't care about truth anymore so why would they give a rat's anus about grammar? Seeming to care about victims is where it is at.

My next piece will be an article written with Walid Ali about the hateful Islamophobia suffered by Boko Haram and Hamas. The left will love it!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

Fortunately, no one is being accused of a superfluity in punctiliousnessity.


7:10 AM  

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