Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Freedom of the Press Perv

A letter in today's Australian:
ANTHONY Dillon has expressed common sense on the topic of speech about race (“Don’t confuse the right to discuss race matters openly with racial hatred”, 2/6). There is no doubt that the phrase racial hatred has too often been unfairly invoked to the detriment of free speech on issues involving ethnicity. Moreover, defenders of vilification laws rarely acknowledge the importance of free speech and tend to sidestep analysis of the contexts in which speech on race has been unjustly suppressed.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic
The phrase racial hatred, when applied to Nigel Jackson is hardly unfair. As AIJAC noted some years ago
The new Canberra based political journal Australian National Review claims to be the "voice of mainstream conservatism in Australia" and carried Nigel Jackson as their feature columnist in their July 1996 edition. Nigel Jackson is no newcomer to the world of right wing politics. In fact he is one of the leading ideologues of the notorious Australian League of Rights, Australia's lead ing anti-Semitic and racist organisation.

Jackson's most recent work is The Case For David Irving. Published by Veritas Publishing Company, the League of Rights' West ern Australian publishing house, it provides a textual analysis of the international Jewish conspiracy against Mr Irving and how the Holocaust never occurred. Jackson writes "If we value our freedom, we must retain our right to criticise undue Jewish influence in our nation." A claim which he combines with numerous crackpot theories about scheming Jews, international Zionism and of course the old favourite "gas chamber fabrication."
If that sets alarm bells ringing, take a look at Mr Jackson's self published books of collected poetry. Jackson, a former English teacher at Carey Grammar, seems to have an unusual preoccupation with young girls and their sexuality. In The Hare and the Rowan, Mr Jackson dedicates one tract "To My Lesbia":

I spy your breasts from every coign,
A closer union they enjoin:
Your soft and sultry - jungled groin
Press upon my leaping loin.....
And let my thrusting manhood gain
Entry to your lover's lane.

In "Anticipation," dedicated For Eely, he writes:

Your breasts bud every season, and coy
Stubs spring often at your sweater tips;
My hot sculpture moulds with a firm joy
To plumb the wild geyser of your oiled lips.

or in "Ideal Hostess":

Her young breast tipsily lifting
with surprise
Their thickening tips;
Her dress about her hips.

If you want more, take a look at "Tech. Girl at School Swimming Sports," which common decency prevents us from reprinting. At least one parent wrote to the Principal of Carey Baptist Grammar complaining about the "unhealthy emphasis, urging on obsession, with matters sexual" of the HSC English master. Another wrote to the school complaining about his advocacy of racist views to students. Nigel is no longer at Carey, although you can catch him in the pages of the Australian National Review. Don't laugh. His column is called "Intellectual Freedom".

What a sad, sad little man.