Monday, March 21, 2005

Pro-nuclear jazz man

Stanley Crouch is not your typical artsy type; he's writing a biography of Charlie Parker and he's a nuclear power proponent:
It is time to recognize what even France understands, which is that nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest and least expensive way to get beyond oil dependency. In our case, we also have hazardous things that happen to economically disadvantaged people through the emissions of coal burning.

We are due for a major reconstruction of our thinking about nuclear power. I do not mean that everyone is supposed to lie down and go to sleep, forgetting about everything on the basis of what some energy company says. But I expect our nation to grow up and move free of an irrational fear of technology. While we gobble up every new gadget, those fears take a rest, but we are quick to pick up those fears again whenever nuclear energy is brought up.
Clean, green, inexhaustible and it glows in the dark, what more could you expect from a power source?


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