Monday, April 25, 2005


April 25 is ANZAC Day, originally established to commemorate Australia’s entry into combat in World War I, it has become Australia’s national day. It is indicative of Australia’s national character that ANZAC Day celebrates not a great military victory but the start of a tragically costly military adventure: of the 60,000 Australians killed during the “Great War”, some 8,000 were killed during the eight month Gallipoli campaign.

ANZAC Day is for remembering all of the brave men who have served their country over the years. These mostly young men did not see themselves as conquerors. They did not seek to rape, pillage and murder. They simply wanted to do the “right thing”, to serve their country in a time of need.

These young men put the interests of their country ahead of personal interests. They served in far off lands, often in atrocious conditions yet with typical Australian good humour and flair. Brothers, fathers and sons left loved ones behind and went to do what had to be done. Many of them were horribly wounded, living the rest of their days in hospital. Many of them died. All of them deserve our respect.

Update: In keeping with the spirit of the day I had intended to keep away from partisan politics. Some dickheads just can't resist the temptation:

“We ask you all to stand in silence for one minute, in memory of those who fought for freedom and democracy in the First World War”. Well, no one fought for those things in WWI. I kept walking, ignoring the dirty looks.
In short, not only were 10,000 lives lost in a pointless battle at Gallipolli ... the whole gig and all its subsequent meanings and celebrations are crucial to the creation of the conservative and make-up of Australia.

ANZAC Day? Bah! I’ll enjoy the holiday.
Just a couple of caring sharing lefties.


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Chris Sheil making an ass out of himself on Quiggins blog. Talk about a circle jerk!

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