Sunday, April 17, 2005

Segway introduces GT

Alright, a Segway GT. There'll be leather jacket clad, Hell's Angels impersonating lefties dragging from cross-walk to cross-walk at break-neck speed, flipping off regular Segway riders, as pedestrians run for cover from fat-tyred, racing striped, metal-flake candy apple red, silent, kick arse, environmentally friendly, speed machines chased by police. Soon, Bonneville (meeting the roll bar requirement will be a challange but the geniuses behind Segway can surely work something out). Hell, I might even consider buying one. Then I found out what GT stands for.

Really, the Segway is nothing more than an expensive novelty: the successor to another ill-conceived personal transport device, the Sinclair C5. Anyone wanting electric transport can buy an electric scooter with equal range and twice the carrying capacity of a Segway but slightly slower – if you're in a hurry the Sewgay is a poor choice anyway – for thousands less.

If you're a trendy lefty, buy a Segway to impress you're lefty friends. If you must travel on two wheels, and want to go in style, save up until you can afford one of these but be quick, only 250 will be made.

Update: In comments, reader grizz links to a Segway owner doing Ben Hur, or something.


Anonymous richard mcenroe said...

Call me when they figure out how to add a camper shell...

11:54 PM  

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