Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Abraham, a Muslim convert and student at a Melbourne university, claims he was questioned by Australian Federal Police in relation to his book borrowing habits:
Abraham says the AFP drew an unfair link between his Muslim name and his topic of study.

"Obviously, they've had access to my library records," he said.

"I don't know if the phone has been bugged. I don't know if they are watching my movements.

"They are drawing a linkage between a person with a non-English speaking name and saying 'okay, well this is suspicious activity'."

Abraham says there are dozens of students studying similar subjects but he is the only one who has been interviewed, despite espousing a moderate approach to Islam.

"I think it's unjustified and unfair and it also sends a message, unfortunately, to the Muslim community that if they're dealing with the Australian Federal Police authorities that possibly they could be targeted," Abraham said.
This whole article isn't news, it's speculation. Did the AFP even talk to Abe much less question him? Has he engaged in behaviour, or had contact with anyone, that might make him of interest to the police? Why include the leading phone bugging speculation?

If the ABC's going to have any credibility as a news source, staff are going to have to do a bit of research before throwing speculative"news" items out there for loony lefties to pick-up and spread.

Actually, the ABC article features its own over-the-top lefty looniness:
The president of Liberty Victoria, Brian Walters SC, is outraged by Abraham's story.

"I think this is extremely serious - it suggests that our AFP and ASIO security police are operating as 'thought police' and undermining academic independence which is so important to a free and democratic society," Mr Walters said.

Mr Walters believes the AFP owes Abraham an apology.

He says the Federal Government should repeal its terrorism laws and take a calmer approach to protecting Australian society.

"I think we should be really concerned about the disruption to our society that these terror laws are creating," Mr Walters said.

"We should be alarmed, not just alert. This is the stuff of Kafka-esque nightmare.

"We do not want a situation where police are vetting the thoughts that we undertake, vetting research and doing so in an environment that cannot be justified."
Yep, Australian society will never be the same and neither will its universities:
Abraham's lecturer, David Wright-Neville, has told his other students that they may also be open to scrutiny by the authorities.
No doubt drug use at this unnamed Melbourne university has plummeted. Local drug dealers will be alarmed.


Anonymous Keith said...

Walters is an A grade dickhead. I'd like to see the AFP and ASIO keeping an eye on the ABC--they're as much the enemy as anyone else.

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