Sunday, July 24, 2005


The man killed by London police, Brazilian Charles de Menezes, has no apparent links to terrorism:
Scotland Yard said Mr Menezes, who lived in Brixton, south London, was completely unconnected to the bomb attacks and added: "For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets."
The shooting is unfortunate not just because an innocent person was killed. British police might in future be hesitant to use lethal force against a genuine terrorist, out of fear of again shooting an inncoent person.

The shooting is also of tremendous propaganda value to British Muslims wanting to divert attention:
Massoud Shadjareh of the Islamic Human Rights Commission said: "It doesn't matter if he was a Muslim or not. He was a human being who did not deserve to be assassinated."

He said the killing was the result of British police officers being sent to Israel to receive training on how to prevent suicide bombings.
There had to be a Jewish connection somewhere, didn't there?

Update: As expected, loony lefties have jumped on the divert attention bandwagon:
The London police are looking for a number of men allegedly behind last week's attempted attacks. It's an essential job and hopefully successful. This doesn't alter the facts that an innocent man has been murdered. Phil Gomes explains what is at stake:

"Jean Charles de Menezes was undoubtedly a man of colour, so he now automatically comes under suspicion because of circumstance and the tenor of the times, and of course Jean Charles de Menezes will just be considered collateral damage as far as those who wish to tighten a noose around our civil liberties. They’ll say 'but if he had nothing to fear he would still be alive', but Jean Charles de Menezes as a man of the global south probably knew better than any of us that police with unlimited powers are something to be feared."

We are seeing the birth of extra-judicial killings in the heart of Western cities. No longer hidden or kept secret by shadowy government officials, but committed under the mantra of "blame the terrorists."
Jeez, I know police are dumb but you'd think they'd at least be smart enough to pick someone other than a Brazilian electrician for their first public assassination.

Update II: Just because de Menezes was from Brazil doesn't mean he was dark skinned or even notably foreign-featured – he's on the far right in the photo. My older son, who works outdoors all day is much darker. He can be glad he doesn't live in London, what with trigger happy police going around murdering everyone of colour.

Update III: BBC News explores poverty as a factor in de Menezes's killing:
The BBC's correspondent in Brazil, Tom Gibb, said Mr Menezes had lived for a time in a slum district of Sao Paulo and that could explain why he had run from the police.

He said: "The murder rates in some of these slums are worse than in a lot of war zones and that could explain why, when plain clothes officers pulled a gun on him, he may have run away.
This is starting to make sense. De Menezes ran because he once lived in a lawless slum. The poverty of slum-dwellers is caused by the developed world's exploitation of the less developed. The US is the most powerful and predatory of the exploiters. The UK is the lap-dog of the US. The Jews control the US, and by extension the UK. Thus, the Jews killed de Menezes. Hey, it's only a thoery.


Anonymous Ros said...

Too late to care because he is a human being rather than a Muslim for me. Their initial reaction told me more about their actual beliefs than I would want to know.

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