Sunday, September 11, 2005


Visiting American school teacher Scott Parkin has been arrested and will possibly be deported:
[Parkin] was arrested yesterday after the Department of Immigration (DIMIA) revoked his visa because, the Anti-Deportation Alliance says, he is considered a threat to national security.

Mr Parkin's legal adviser, Marika Dias, says he has attended a number of protests in Australia but has done nothing wrong.
A tourist school teacher with a legal adviser, cool. American's obviously pay their school teachers better than I thought. Anyway, plenty of lefties are upset about Parkin's arrest:
Dan Cass, from Greenpeace, says Mr Parkin is Australia's first political prisoner.

"The detention and expulsion of Scott Parkin is the thin edge of the wedge," Mr Cass said.

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown wants to know who ordered Mr Parkin's deportation.

"I'd like to know whether the orders for his arrest came from the Pentagon," he said.
Pathetic Aussies obviously can't think for themselves. Or just maybe Parkin's arrest has something to do with his activities here in Oz:
At least 10 anti-globalisation protesters have been arrested in clashes with police during a demonstration against an international conference of business leaders in Sydney.

Protest organiser Scott Parkin said the demonstration outside a Kent St building was aimed at a company called KBR, which he described as a subsidiary of the US oil energy group Halliburton, headed in the 1990s by Dick Cheney, now the US Vice President.
Wonder who Scott Parkin is taking his orders from? No matter, send him packing.

Update: There's a discussion over at Lavatory Rodeo.


Anonymous Mine Host said...

Austrlia's first political prisoner? I'm afraid Scott Parkin has been well & truly beaten by Pauline Hanson for that "honour"

7:50 PM  
Anonymous The Brute said...

I even recall seeing Bob Down have a bleat about her incarceration back then. Perhaps he could see something similar in his future.

4:39 AM  

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