Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Euro-weenies are all upset about Italy's handling of illegals:
Following a visit to an Italian refugee camp on the island of Lampedusa, a group of socialist MEPs are accusing Italy of breaking human rights laws and the UN's refugee Convention.

The 12 MEPs say they were appalled by the state of the detention camp on Lampedusa, situated off the Sicilian coast, claiming it is run-down and lacking in fresh water and basic hygiene facilities.

They also say refugees' access to legal assistance and medical care is not safeguarded.

The Italian authorities have repeatedly received complaints about the overcrowded camp, however when the MEPs arrived they saw that their own delegation actually outnumbered the immigrants, with just 11 people residing in the compound.

Inhabitants of the island told MEPs that the immigrants had been flown out from the island three days earlier.

Martine Roure, a French socialist MEP, believes that the immigrants were deported to Libya without their legal status having been tested.
The map with the article has this elaboration attached:
Immigrants sail across the Mediterranean from Africa to Italy - only to be flown back immediately, say MEPs.
Sounds like a realistic and effective policy.


Anonymous Jorgen said...

That is unfortunately the only way to deal with illegal immigrants. Good show, Italy.

10:35 PM  

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