Monday, October 10, 2005


A Parsian group of lefties calling themselves Les Dégonflés (The Deflated), led by one Sous-Adjudant Marrant (Sub-Warrant Officer Joker) is waging an anti-SUV campaign:
Under cover of night, Marrant's troops target Jeep Cherokees, Porsche Cayennes and other four-wheel-drive vehicles parked on the tree-lined avenues and cobblestoned lanes of wealthy neighborhoods. The eco-guerrillas deflate tires without damaging them, smear doors with mud and paste handbills on windshields proclaiming that the vehicles are dangerous, polluting behemoths that do not belong in the city.
And how does Marrant find the time?
Marrant is unemployed, though he has dabbled in journalism.
An unemployed lefty activist, who would have thought it possible?


Anonymous Jorgen said...

Marrant sounds like first class MSM material.

12:01 AM  

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