Monday, December 19, 2005


Chris Sheil practically oozes smarter-than-thou superiority and obviously took great satisfaction from this little dig in a Larvatus Prodeo post ostensibly about Bush's illegal ordering of NSA intercepts:
Nor am I overlooking the killing and torturing and mangling of syntax under the Bush administration.
Fair enough, Bush has been known to mangelate the language. But not even Sheil's perfect – here's a later comment in the same thread:
The story here - or ‘non-story’ if you are a RWDB - is what explains Bush why apparently placed himself above the law, despite no apparent shortcomings in terms of timing, convenience etc in that law?
Obviously unaware of the errors in the comment above – or maybe he just doesn't care because he's dealing with those less well-educated than himself – Sheil couldn't resist making an unnecessarily nasty comment to fellow commenter joc c:
Get back to you Joe, as soon as I find “Froeign policy” in the dictionary. I love doing what you command, as you will know. Let me guess. Do you mean as in, like, “froeign the law overboard”? Good question. How fra can King George froe? How fra can you froe? Fra free’s a jolly good froeer, and so fray all of us. Hip hip … hofray!
This is pretty rich considering Sheil's recent brush with spelling infamy. I mean really, a self-proclaimed writer of essays should be able to spell "cretin" correctly now shouldn't he?

But, there's more: after being caught out misspelling cretin at his blog, Sheil stealthily corrected all of the misspellings. Not only that, Sheil's misspellings in a thread at the Daily Flute were also quietly corrected. But wait, there's more: when I clicked on the link to the Daily Flute thread this is what came up:
You are probably a spammer or have come from a site that is dodgy mate. Like a poker parlour, or Tim Blair. If you are not send an email to news at dailyflute dot com and beg for forgiveness.

Details I need in the email:
Pathetic or sad, or both?


Anonymous RebeccaH said...

Not only sad and pathetic, but obviously raised by incompetent mothers who failed to teach them the basics of courtesy.

3:40 AM  
Anonymous T said...

I blame whole language teaching.

7:06 AM  

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