Friday, January 06, 2006


Lefty computing lecturer Tim Lambert thinks Professor of Geology Ian Plimer has produced a silly, deliberately misleading article on global warming for The Australian – Lambert's scared of me for some reason and bounces my links; copy and paste . It's obvious from the tone and content of Lambert's post that he has no respect for Plimer or his position on global warming.

In attempting to research Lambert's qualifications as self-appointed global warming fact-checker I ended up at his University of New South Wales "personal page". His qualification aren't stated so I clicked on the link to his "offical page" and got this:
You were looking for the file
which could not be located by this webserver.
Similarly, the link to a photo of Lambert in a gown – I'm thinking maybe something by Chanel – didn't take me where it should have: I ended up at his blog. If such stuff ups are any indication, UNSW's School of Computer Science and Engineering has a few problems.

Lambert's research focusses is in three areas: algorithms for the triangulation of planar straight line graphs; algorithms for 3d convex hulss; and, virtual reality. The latter explaining his detachment from non-virtual reality.

A quick Google led me to Wikipedia, the entry confirming Lambert's status as self-appointed fact-checker of international repute. But there's nothing about any qualifications related to the study of global warming. Interestingly, Wikipedia does not have an entry for Ian Plimer: maybe Lambert's right about this guy.

Despite not having a Wikipedia entry Plimer is something more than your garden variety academic:
Ian Plimer is the Professor of Geology at The University of Melbourne. He was formerly Professor at the Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich and at the University of Newcastle. He won the Leopold von Buch Medal for Science and has thrice won the Eureka Prize, the latest of which was for his book A Short History of Planet Earth. Professor Plimer has published over 120 scientific papers and books and 6 books for the lay person on topics raging from religious fundamentalism to mining history. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, a Fellow of the Geological Society of London, member of numerous professional organisations and serves on many national and international scientific commissions. He is currently edits the Academic Press Encyclopaedia of Geology, is filming a BBC natural science program and continues his weekly ABC regional radio broadcasts. He is a director of a UK and Australian listed public companies.
Fact-check boy reckons Plimer is silly. The real problem is Plimer knows what he's talking about but, horror of horrors, he's not a lefty. And anyway, who's Lambert to allege silliness when he continues to block my links to his blog, tampers with my comments at his blog and has even stealthily removed some of my comments – he's from the same academic lefty free speech crushing mold as Chris Sheil.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Lambert has a go at Tim Blair as well:
Meanwhile, Tim Blair has continued to tout his law that “global warming protests invariably result in local colding“. He apparently generalized this “law” from the case of Montreal where global warming protests were followed by a snowstorm on Dec 16 where it was warmer that the average for Dec 16. Oddly enough, Melbourne’s walk against warming was followed by Melbourne’s warmest December ever recorded, while Sydney’s walk against warming was only followed by Sydney’s second warmest December ever recorded and hottest New Year’s day. Not to worry, Blair counted this as an example of his law as well.
If Lambert had any sense at all he'd realize the record heat accompanying these marches does not violate Blair's "inverse law of global warm-mongering": everything in the southern hemisphere is inverted. Thus, the inversion is inverted, with anti-warming marches producing heat.


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