Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The ABC News/AFP headline:
Agent Orange victims demand justice
The first paragraph of the article:
Vietnam War veterans and activists from six countries are urging the US Government to compensate millions of people they say are victims of toxins in the military defoliant Agent Orange.
There follows much hyperbolic anecdotal bluster on the evils of dioxins:
"It's bad when you're not just killing the enemy soldier but you're also killing his grandchildren and you're poisoning his environment," Joan Anne Duffy Newberry, a former US Air Force nurse in Vietnam, said.

"Agent Orange was designed as a herbicide but in actuality it was a weapon, a chemical weapon."
Only at the end of the article is it revealed what this is all about:
Activists say a victory in the Agent Orange battle may help limit the future use of other toxic weapons.

"They poisoned the land of Vietnam and people are suffering 30 years later," Daniel Shea, a Vietnam War Marine turned peace activist, said.

"Now we see depleted uranium used in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan. These things are lying around, children are picking them up. We don't know what's going to happen to them."
All future wars will be fought with non-toxic weapons.


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