Thursday, March 23, 2006


Labour relations in Dubai ain't looking too good at the moment:
Some 2,500 workers on the emerging Burj Dubai tower and surrounding housing developments chased and beat security officers Tuesday night, broke into temporary offices and smashed computers and files, and destroyed about two dozen cars and construction machines, witnesses said.

The initial riot was caused by workers angered because buses to their residential camp were delayed after their shifts, witnesses at the site said.

“Everyone is angry here. No one will w
ork,” said Khaled Farouk, 39, a laborer with Al-Naboodah. Other workers said their leaders were asking for pay raises: skilled carpenters on the site earned just $7.60 per day, with laborers getting just $4 per day.
It doesn't seem right that what's rumoured will be the world's tallest building is being constructed with skilled labour paid $7.60 a day.


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