Tuesday, September 19, 2006


European Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger:commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger:
"And generally speaking, I can also say that reactions which are disproportionate and which are tantamount to rejecting freedom of speech are unacceptable and let me conclude with this: freedom of speech is a cornerstone of the EU's order as is the freedom and respect of all religions and beliefs, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or laicism."
Unfortunately, many Muslims manifest an insecurity based opposition to freedom of speech. Jews, often accused of having a victim mentality, simply take a state organized assault in their stride:
Consider an example from Denmark. Recently, a paper there published a number of rather tasteless Holocaust cartoons which had been shown in Tehran. The reaction of Copenhagen's rabbi was instructive when considered against the bloody response to the Muhammad cartoons -- outrage which ended up costing lives. When asked if he would call for protests, the rabbi merely said: "You know, I've seen worse."
No one likes cry-babies.

Update: Some poeple don't even have to say the wrong thing, all they need do is be seen talking to the wrong people:
AN Afghan village elder was BEHEADED by the Taliban, who wrongly accused him of being a spy after he was seen talking to British troops.


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