Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Google recently invited students and teachers from around the world to brainstorm anti-global warming strategies. Google then ran a full page ad in USA Today featuring idea number three from the list of 50 ideas:
Put light sensors in all office and school buildings so all lights go off when the rooms are empty.
How the hell a light sensor can detect when a room is unoccupied is beyond me. What they probably mean is that the sensors would turn off lights at night when rooms are expected to be unoccupied. Some rooms are of course occupied at night, at least for periods, so the sensor-equipped switches would have to be equipped with a manual over-ride.

As it's likely people would forget to turn off at least some of these manually over-ridden lights, a timer would have to be attached as back-up. Electricians and manufacturers of light-killing gizmos would no doubt be happy about all this but it seems, well, just a tad inefficient. Why not just make it standard operating procedure for the last person to leave a room to turn off the lights and place please-turn-the-lights-off signs near the exits? Too simple.

The list is dominated by lefty based crapola:
Require that all products contributing to global warming be marked with a specific color (e.g., chemical pesticides could be marked with a red sticker for being extremely dangerous to the environment).
Many of the ideas relate to environmentally questionable recycling strategies; some are outright ludicrous:
Protect our oceans - prevent plankton in the ocean from dying.
Yes, let's kill off the evil, global warming inducing, plankton eating baleen whales.

This little project will have consumed quite a bit of energy and rather than reducing emissions will have increased them. But I'm sure all of those who participated will be smugly satisfied at having taken part. Dummies.


Anonymous David Gillies said...

"chemical pesticides could be marked with a red sticker for being extremely dangerous to the environment"

What the sodding hell has even the nastiest pesticide got to do with 'global' 'warming'?

5:17 AM  

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