Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd wants Australians to be the world's best-educated people. He proposes an "education revolution" to vastly improve the "dim and grim" education system.

Well, he's certainly right about the "dim and grim": the education system is dominated by dim (ever so smart but none too bright) and grim (relentlessly negative) lefties. Bringing some political balance to the system would indeed be revolutionary but isn't about to happen: there's not enough dynamite in Australia to shift the entrenched lefties out of their positions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why don't more 'Righties' become school teachers and university lecturers? Because the pay is too crap.

Unless, of course, the truth is that there are so few 'Righties' in Australia anyway, that there are barely enough of them to fill the boardrooms as it is, leaving next to none to teach the children.

Clearly the 'Lefties' need some good old re-education in all that is 'Right' before they're allowed anywhere near the text books or big desks.

It is appalling that so many children are exposed to the vicious bias of fairness, respect for the environment and the rule of law. Not to mention all the brainwashing about not invading souvereign nations against the will of their own people.

Evil, terrible, horrible Lefties. It would be so different if the Liberal & National parties had formed a coalition and run the government for the past 11 years. We can only dream...

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good god the lefties are now self fisking bugger!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Wylie Wilde said...

Darryl, we can't increase the teacher's pay when the bloody Unions are in control of the state schools. It'll be like giving more aid to Mugabe. All it'd do would to entrench the leftie bastards. I say - let all the education come under federal control- and all kids from 6 - 18 have to sit for standardized exams. A kid from WA is no different from his brother in Tasmania, is he? Those children who hate academic work can be switched to technical schools- considering that plumbers are getting more pay than doctors these day- they'd be laughing.

11:32 PM  

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