Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Australian left continually accuses the Primer Minister of exaggerating the terrorist threat for political gain. Lefties are not above using the terrorist threat to advantage, however.

In opposing the government's anti-terrorism legislation Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said the following in late 2005:
We are, however, in a state of fear. Our government has run a vigorous campaign to foster a climate of fear - to justify laws that will undermine fundamental legal provisions that ensure freedom from arbitrary detention, that ensure freedom of association, expression and movement.
In opposing the establishment of a new United States military satellite communication facility at the existing Kojarena Defence Satellite Communications Station in Western Australia Siewert sees the terror threat as a real worry:
Senator Siewert says it will be a terrorist target.

"I'm extremely concerned about this announcement," she said.

"We're virtually talking about a Pine Gap on Perth's doorstep and I think the people of Perth and particularly the people of Geraldton should be very concerned, and should be on their phones to their local MPs and politicians to ask them what is going on and how much they knew about it."
Yep, the people of Perth should be protesting the expansion of an existing terrorist target over 400 kilometers away. I mean, what with Perth already being packed with potential terrorist targets -- the Kwinana industrial estate, HMAS Stirling, Campbell Barracks, RAAF Base Pearce and Fremantle Port, for example -- we have enough to worry about, if we're going to worry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt the greens what the SBS smash hit 'the power of nightmares'?

terror apparently is made up by Bush. So their concerns are completely unfounded.

what a bunch of immoral losers the greens (and demos) are. They should stick to organising Chavez garden parties.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's obvious that no one who I'veseen anywhere commenting on this issue has lived in Gero. Nuclear Target? No great loss - in fact, a thermonuclear strike is probably the only way to solve the problems at Gero SHS.

8:26 AM  

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