Monday, March 05, 2007


As Tim Blair rightly observes, Channel Ten's Cool Aid was a "sickening farce"; a promotional event for Al Gore and a bunch of half-witted celebrities isn't my idea of riveting television. Perhaps most revolting of all are Sandra Sully's Al Gore interview segments, throughout which she appears to struggle to suppress the urge to jump on Al and start humping him. Now that would have been watchable.

The Cool Aid site offers up much more "hey look at us, we have no brains but we're saving the Earth" self-promotion. Ten's Neighbour's stars explain how they're doing their bit:
Pippa Black: Tells us there are a lot of things we can do like using green shopping bags and changing shower heads and having only one short shower a day.

Natalie Blair: Offers no suggestions but is trying to resist the urge to have multiple showers. She uses those, you know, green shopping bags.

David Hoflin: Tries to save as much water as possible and saves insects by actively bending down, picking up and putting outside the insects that come into his bathroom in the morning while he's taking a shower -- this morning it was a spider. He tries to not kill anything, even cockroaches.

Dan O'Connor: Suggests taking shorter showers, using public transport and buying less-polluting products.

Eliza Taylor-Cotter: With the whole greenhouse gases thing it's import for people to do their bit by, you know, using cloth shopping bags, putting things in the bin, not driving your car all the time and everyone just, you know, pitching in.

Nicky Whelan: The problem is really bad but we can't see it. If everyone will just do little things... use less water, turn your lights off, try and walk just a little. She's doing her bit by helping charities and stuff. Everyone can do the little things... they're really, really important.
These twits make me feel like Captain Save The Earth: to reduce costs I've been driving much less (even bought a bike), have used solar hot water for over 20 years and have always used fluorescents and compact fluorescents, where appropriate. I do, however, take great delight in stomping cockroaches.


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