Thursday, March 01, 2007


Cancer spreads in two ways: invasion and metastasis. As a malignant tumour grows it invades surrounding tissues. More worrying, many cancers can metastasize, popping up in distant parts of the body. So it is with Labor Party corruption.

The Brian Burke corruption cancer:
The Premier won't expel MP Shelley Archer from the Labor Party over her links with Brian Burke, amid speculation it could spark a factional brawl.

Three ministers have been sacked as a result of a Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) inquiry into the lobbying activities of the disgraced former premier and his business partner Julian Grill.

Upper house Labor MP Shelley Archer yesterday repeatedly described Mr Burke as her "mentor'' as the CCC accused her of leaking to him confidential documents and details of private conversations she had with ministers.

Ms Archer admitted she acted as a "go-between'' for Mr Burke, dealing with ministers he didn't get along with, but denied any wrongdoing.

Ms Archer is married to Mr Burke's powerful union buddy Kevin Reynolds and yesterday said a "sledgehammer'' would be needed to get her out of the ALP.
Has metastasized beyond Western Australia:
Federal Opposition Leader [Kevin Rudd] has held a news conference to defend his dealings with the former Western Australian premier Brian Burke.

The Government spent Question Time attacking Kevin Rudd for sharing meals with the former premier in 2005.

At the time the-then Western Australian premier Geoff Gallop had placed a ban on his state MPs speaking to the lobbyist.

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer says Australians have a right to be told what happened during the meetings.

"They spent hours and hours together and did they talk about the Labor leadership, and did Brian Burke support Mr Rudd for the Labor leadership, and did he help Mr Rudd get the Labor leadership, and I mean it seems to me that is a centrally important question because if the answer to that question is yes, then I think Mr Rudd has a very substantial case to face," he said.
So, just how many trips did Rudd make to WA over the last few years and how many times did he meet with Brian Burke? This could get really interesting.

Update: Harry Clarke looks at Labor's broader corruption problem.


Anonymous hc said...

Good post JFB - you make a lot of them. My own comment is here.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad had dealings with Burkes brother in the 80's. The business deal was to be sealed by them retiring to a brothel "which would close its doors for a private party" and the promise of some soft cash donations in the future. The old man declined.

3:53 PM  

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