Thursday, April 12, 2007


Australia's mainstream Jewish community just can't resist giving atheist-Jew Antony Loewenstein the attention he so desperately seeks. This week's Australian Jewish News delivers to the self-proclaimed dissident-Jew, and consensus-confirmed nonentity, a double shot of publicity with a front-page story and an editorial.

The vast majority of Jews no doubt find Loewenstein's views troubling but he has virtually no credibility outside the political fringes, communities bound to be anti-Jewish in any event, and should simply be ignored by mainstream Jews. If anything, the Jewish community adds to what little credibility he has by continuing to react to Loewenstein's ill-informed commentary.

Contrary to what he claims, Loewenstein considers any reactions he's able to draw from the Jewish community as a victory; the bigger the reaction the bigger the victory. The guy is clearly on a delusions-of-grandeur ego trip. Take this excerpt from his latest post as an example:
Finally, perhaps the [Australian Jewish News] and its few readers might like to reflect on the fact that Israel, if it wants to survive in the international public arena, will need more than simply slicker PR flaks. The country’s regularly brutal behaviour is slowly turning the world against the Jewish state.
This from a guy who claims to be a best-selling author (he's currently in the US for the launch of his book) and who has received massive attention from the MSM but whose blog can draw only 247 visitors a day.

Very few people are buying his message; if they were it wouldn't be necessary for Loewenstein to continue to manipulate comments at his blog. The counter in this thread shows a total of 35 comments but only 34 comments appear. That's because one of BenZ's comments has been removed -- the comment must have been removed by doofus Loewenstein because a comment from co-blogger Andre quoting from the now gone comment remains. Not only that, one of BenZ's comments was intercepted in moderation, probably because it was embarrassingly link-rich, and ditched. Andre, at least as big a doofus as Loewenstein, gives this lame explanation for the nonappearance of the lodged comment:
Relax young warrior. The “awaiting moderation” flag has has nothing to do with your post. Unless I’m mistaken, it is automatically scheduled to pop up after hours so that trolls can;t run amok while no one is looking.

As someone who posts from the Northern Hemisphere, I have had seen that warning appear many times when posted.

If Loewenstein had anything to say worth paying attention to, he'd make his point and then engage in vigorous debate at his blog. He tried that at his old blog and was eaten alive. The guy's deserving of ridicule and mainstream Jews should treat him accordingly.

This reminds me of an old joke: Why did Antony Loewenstein cross the road? Who cares?

Update: Andre is mystified by the missing comment:

I will look into it. I can’t see why anything you have posted deserves to be removed. In fact, I am personally opposed to posts being blocked or deleted unless they severely cross the line in terms of personal attacks on other posters.

I do hope you are not discouraged by this. Your input is most valued and welcome, and I do hope to see more of you on this blog.
Loewenstein removed the comment but will he own up to it? Stay tuned.


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