Monday, April 02, 2007


A few weeks back I made fun of a Mark Bahnisch post claiming his 18-hour a week teaching load made it difficult for him to find the time to blog. He overreacted by resigning, so to speak:
I’ll be back on Monday to promote the Brisgrogblog, and may continue to crosspost any Crikey stories I might write (though they’re also aware that I have much less time for the moment to devote to writing than in the past), and perhaps make the occasional post on some metablogging stuff I’ve got ticking over in the background. But, at least until June, when I’ll re-evaluate things, it’s bye bye to any substantive participation in the blogosphere for me.
Bahnisch has somehow found the time to author 16 posts since his little tantrum. He's probably had to massively rearrange his schedule but it's been worth it: his insights on critically important matters are invaluable.


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