Monday, May 21, 2007


Lefty deep-thinker Bruce has produced an especially weird -- even for Bruce -- 2,200+ word post encouraging Miss Politics to continue blogging the most intimate details of her sex life. Bruce obviously draws considerable pleasure from reading about Miss Politics's sexploits and is worried that being discussed in passing by RWDBs might encourage her to be more, well, circumspect, thus limiting his online stimulation. (Be sure to click that link and read Bruce's post; it's nasty, whiny and funny all at once.)

Naturally, I feature prominently in Bruce's post: he reckons I "electronically and misogynistically violated" Miss Politics. Even better, he finds an anonymous comment he hasn't read -- I removed it from my blog at Miss Politics's request -- possibly "pedophillic" [sic] but definitely sexually abusive. So that readers can judge for themselves, the removed comment reads:
I went and checked out Miss Politic's blog. What a laugh. I love this one:

'Why can't we talk about orgasims? '

And you know, the fact that she has a daughter called 'Ocean', I mean how 'orgasimic' can she get. She swims in the stuff. I guess she'll call her son, Semen.
And for complete transparency, my two relevant Miss Politics posts are (oldest first) here and here. The reaction to these posts is much ado about nothing much, in my opinion.

One last thing, there is nothing in any of Miss Politics posts that is even remotely stimulating; sexually, intellectually or otherwise. Sorry Miss P., I do have my standards.

Update: Apparently unable to think for herself, Miss Politics picks up and runs with Bruce's points:
I have been feeling really ikky about the whole thing to be honest. Not in a ‘I won’t blog’ kind of way but rather that I am being violated in some kind of twisted and perverse manner. I know that sounds weird considering that none of these people have put their hands on me in any way whatsoever, but still, violated is the best way in which to describe it.
Read some of her posts and you'll know why she feels "ikky".

Update II: Bruce favours me with a typically deep comment:
Even better, he finds an anonymous comment he hasn't read -- I removed it from my blog at Miss Politics's request -- possibly "pedophillic" [sic] but definitely sexually abusive.

I gather you didn't read the part where I said;

"Pedophillic? Perhaps not." - to equate this with "possibly" is an exaggeration.

or earlier where I said;

"Not that I (or many others) got to see the comments and clearly as such can not easily assess the veracity of “Miss Politics” allegation..."

Alas poor JF, it's as I thought. To [sic] prejudiced to see a crtiticism [sic] for what it is and too dishonest to deal with your own abusive nature.

Thanks for the traffic.
Big-brained Bruce needs to buy a dictionary and get someone to show him how to use it. Merriam-Webster defines "perhaps" as meaning : "possibly but not certainly: maybe". Thus, saying the comment is possibly not paedophilic is the same as saying it is possibly paedophilic.

Without reading the comment in question Bruce casually throws out an accusation of possible paedophilia in a blatant attempt to smear me by association. This is unacceptable, even coming from a loony lefty.

Bruce needs to update his post to reflect his error. He also needs to post a separate correction. If not, the stink HE created is gonna be following him around for quite a while.

As for steering traffic his way, glad to be of help: there's a reason he has no counter.

Update III: It'll come as no surprise that Miss Politics doesn't like Australia:
I had a weird patriotic moment on the weekend. I felt good to be Australian. Weird but true.
Not weird for a committed lefty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why dont you rightards just use your dildo on yourself -more meaningful than the shite you sprout

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Anonymous Bruce said...

Too* prejudiced rather... (pfft)

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loving this thread. It takes the piss of the usual loony left suspects of Miss P and Bruce (Deep thinker, yeah sure Bruce whatever you reckon) plus I found a link to an interesting blog in Before it Happens.

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