Thursday, May 17, 2007


Like the cats they are so fond of, lefties are superficially all warm and cuddly, but rub them the wrong way and out come the razor-blades.

Obviously still miffed at my Vicky likes Jeremy post earlier in the week, Miss Politics has had a go at me in earnest, threatening via email to take matters "further" if I did not remove from my blog a "disturbing comment" supposedly containing "sexual inuendo" [sic] directed at her young daughter, Ocean. The Miss Politics bluster was totally unnecessary: I was not reluctant to remove a weak comment she found offensive. The comment was deleted without further ado.

This morning when I made the rounds of Australian blogs I checked in to see if Miss Politics had posted anything interesting and discovered she had posted this nasty nonsense:
Over at Club Troppo that 'Barrister Bewitched' post from some conservative troll got a mention. The ensuing comments were certainly interesting and many summed up exactly how I was feeling. Namely that JF Beck insinuated that I had 'cheated' on my partner and took my posts on sex out of context to substantiate his claim. Now as I understand it certain conservative bloggers don't like Jeremy very much however their reaction to my post on meeting him has been quite abhorrent. Incidentally, JF Beck denies ever having insinuated that some time of cheating was going on. Now we all know that this is nonsense as that was exactly the purpose of the post. Apparently he has also apologised and I would accept the apology if the post was actually rectified as not to allude to any type of cheating going on.
There's obviously something not quite right in the poor woman's head. She obliquely refers to me as "some conservative troll" as if she doesn't know or want to mention my name and two sentences later names me. The email she sent me is similarly confused:
Dear JF Beck

Apologies but I do not know your name so I hope you don't mind me referring to you as JF Beck.
Nope, don't mind at all.

Anyway, I did apologize for any inference that Miss Politics was cheating on her significant other, but the apology only applies within the context of the Club Troppo thread, which is the only place I know of that the cheating thing had come up. In earlier discussions (here, here and here) Miss Politics had ample opportunity but does not mention cheating. She picked up and ran with the idea after encountering it at Club Troppo. Just so we're all clear on this, my post was very clearly written and does not hint at infidelity; if people can't understand what I wrote, too bad.

The second paragraph of Miss Politics's post is equally well written but even nastier (my bold):
Further he has allowed a comment on his blog that links a three year old child with sexual activity. This is absolutely disgraceful and the comment should be taken down. It is one thing to attack grown adults (though this is in no way alright either) and quite another to attack in the most perverse way possible three year old children. In fact if that comment is not taken down over the next forty eight hours I will have no choice but to contact the authorities. I'm all for free speech but with that comes responsibility. Such ugly comments about children should not be kept up even by the trolls.
Not even close. The comment, while rather crude, DID NOT make any link whatever between Miss Politics's daughter and sexual activity. Rather, the comment linked Miss Politics's sexual activity with the choice of name for her daughter. The comment also speculated on a possible name choice should Miss Politics ever have a son. (If Miss Politics wants to dispute this I have kept the text of the comment and will gladly post it for further discussion, or for consideration by whatever authorities she might care to refer the matter to.)

Miss Politics is smearing me by making stuff up; to round out the smear the post's address is:

That's a bit of a leap, now isn't it?

Miss Politics is also incorrect in terming my original post an attack. I said what I had to say clearly (the post is factually correct throughout) and left it at that, avoiding stirring the pot, so to speak, by staying away from the comments threads at both Sear's and Miss Politics's sites. Had I wanted to be nasty I would have asked young Jeremy if he'd be taking a raincoat to his next rendezvous with Ms Politics. But being a nice guy I resisted the urge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are all too generous RWDB. If my other half met up with a newly single man on the prowl in a dark place I would consider that cheating.

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