Friday, June 01, 2007


An official of Sweden's Social Democrats will be investigated for harassment and defamation for blogging the following about a journalist originally from Poland:
"Like a drooling dog, chained to his kennel and waiting for his master to return with a bone, the Pole continues to spread his homespun theories about life in the country's workplaces," Kennerfalk wrote.

"But this rabble-rouser has never had any other ambition than to fill his wallet and bank accounts," he continued.
The Liberal official who reported the offending comment was not amused:
"The use of this kind of rhetoric is more common on the left than on the right. But enough is enough. Kennerfalk's text and the police report against him can serve as the starting point for a clean-up of left-wing rhetoric," said Sundin.
It doesn't seem like a big deal to me but Sundin is right about left-wing rhetoric needing a clean-up.


Anonymous DocBud said...

Either you believe in free speech or you do not. Personally, I do and think that limits on it should be few and far between and clearly necessary, e.g. a direct incitement to harm an individual or group of people. I'm not even convinced that so-called hate speech should be banned, if people use racist language then it is unlikely to serve them well and is more likely to marginalise them. Deliberately defaming someone has its remedy in the courts but calling someone a "drooling dog" is hardly defamation.

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