Saturday, May 26, 2007


Brice Hortefeux of France's new ministry of immigration and national identity wants to expand an existing scheme whereby illegal immigrants are paid to go home:
"We must increase this measure to help voluntary returns. I am very clearly committed to doing that," French minister Brice Hortefeux was cited as saying by the BBC.

According to the long-time friend and ally of president Nicolas Sarkozy, a family with two children would be paid €6,000 to leave French territory.

A similar sweetener has already been in use, with some 3,000 families leaving France in exchange for money in 2005-2006, the BBC reported.
Paying illegals to go home is not unique to France:
Between 2008-2013, the 27-nation bloc will be able to make use of a European return fund running to €676 million...
Such incentives might produce unintended consequences:
"The European Commission is in favour of voluntary return," one official told EUobserver, adding "incentives for voluntary return should not become a pull factor for migrants to come the EU illegally, however."
Yep, a paid holiday to Europe might be too good to pass up.


Anonymous Mike N said...

Wouldn't that be like paying a theif not to steal your money?

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Greg said...

Uh the one being paid are the legal immigrants, the illegal one are just expelled.

5:51 AM  

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