Sunday, August 12, 2007


I recently accused entomology PhD Bug Girl of lying about the disposition of a comment that went "missing". She maintains that she never saw the comment, alleging that Wordpress's spam filter nabbed and deleted it. Here's the proof she read and then deleted the comment.

In June I lodged a comment at Bug Girl's blog. She responded -- note the wording and that she debated whether or not to approve my comment:
I approved Beck’s comment for entertainment value.

He’s dancing on the head of a pin about the IPM thing; sure, lots of past control strategies can match bits and pieces of an IPM program. But it wasn’t called IPM, or implemented as a *systematic program* until much, much later this century.

Silly semantics.
I later lodged a detailed follow-up comment that went into moderation and never emerged. Shortly after my comment was lodged Bug Girl commented here -- note the wording (my bold):
You're so lame. Is this the best criticism of me you can come up with??

I won't let someone use MY blog to promote their lies, and silly semantics about the origins of IPM.
Bug Girl characterized my original IPM comment as "silly semantics". She then responds to my second comment, which she claims she never saw, by telling me she's not going to let me use her blog to post lies, again using the wording "silly semantics".

Bug Girl claims she wasn't referring to my comment but rather was responding to this comment from a representative of Africa Fighting Malaria:
I’ve read your posts on DDT and I’d like to send you an article that might make a good post, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to submit something or contact you through the blog. Can you please email me at the address above to get in touch?
But Bug Girl had rebuffed AFM's request for contact:
Well, given that Africa Fighting Malaria is a front organization for CEI, which is the source of the attacks on Carson, I’m not interested. Thanks.
So Bug Girl had no idea what AFM wanted to send her and had no reason to address a comment to AFM about IPM and "silly semantics". Further, none of the posted reader comments in the thread relate to IPM but my missing comment was specifically about IPM.

Now it's certainly no big deal that my comment went missing: for me blogging (and commenting) is nothing more than a mind-stimulating hobby. I've learned through experience that lefty bloggers are inclined to delete comments they find difficult. I do, however, find it hard to accept that a scientist -- you know, what with being a seeker after the truth -- would delete a comment and then lie about it. Then again I probably shouldn't be surprised since scientist Tim Lambert's a serial liar and he links to Bug Girl...

It is worrying that Bug Girl the academic refuses to admit she's wrong about integrated pest management: she claims IPM was first implemented in the 1950s when, in fact, an integrated mosquito control program was implemented during the construction of the Panama Canal. Such obstinacy does not bode well for her teaching.


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