Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm no malaria expert and never intended to write so much on the subject but just cannot let the huge volume of rubbish being cranked out by the left pass uncontested. The misinformation coming from supposedly well-informed scientists is especially galling.

In June I caught Bug Girl (PhD, entomology) posting nonsense -- she incorrectly claimed integrated pest management (IPM) was first introduced in the 1950s when, a modern IPM scheme targeting mosquitoes was implemented in the early 1900s in Panama during construction of the canal. The Centers for Disease Control has details, describing the scheme as "[a]n integrated program of mosquito control".

I composed a comment linking to the CDC info and lodged it at Bug Girl's blog and was notified that the comment was being held for moderation. In a simultaneously post here I noted that it would be no surprise if the comment failed to appear.

Bug Girl commented soon thereafter:
I won't let someone use MY blog to promote their lies, and silly semantics about the origins of IPM.
Entomology lady also posted this at her blog:
Actually, I have both a spam filter and a moderation rule that makes anything with a link go into moderation.

I also have put some abusive posters into a moderated or banned group. (You don’t get to threaten me, for example.)

While some innocent posts get swept up in the spam filter, most get through. I rarely actively censor.

However: This is MY blog, and MY rules apply.
It's obvious she read my comment, didn't like it and refused to post it. Realizing she'd been caught out she quickly tried to divert attention away from her censoring and onto Wordpress's spam filter:
Actually, I never saw your comment, if it was similar to what you have posted here. The Wordpress spam filter is very aggressive, and frequently scoops up "real" posts.

I do probably have your IP on moderation, if it's the source of some of the nasty anonymous attack posts I've gotten. (Which you won't see, because I've deleted them. I'm not giving people a forum to trash me--they can just come over here and say it :)
I pressured her to admit she'd deleted the comment but, since she gets upset when menaced by evil old RWDBs, let the matter drop. I recently brought up the missing comment when Bug Girl chose to involve herself in a discussion at Ed Darrell's clearinghouse for DDT misinformation.

Bug Girl now offers "proof" Wordpress is to blame for the missing comment:
Oh, by the way-remember that whole tantrum you had about my "lying" about things getting lost in the spam filter? Wordpress has publicly acknowledged it's a problem:
The relevant part of the Wordpress link reads as follows (my bold):
Spam that sits in the spam queue for more than 15 days is automatically deleted. You cannot get it back. If you check your spam queue more often than every 15 days, you should not miss anything.
Perhaps Bug Girl can explain how Wordpress's spam filter caught and then automatically deleted my comment after holding it for only a matter of minutes. It's either that or admit she's a liar.


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Why would anyone try to argue with the clear super genius that posts here? Like the love child of Einstein and Feynman.

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