Saturday, August 18, 2007


Tim Lambert is still trying to provoke a link from Glenn Reynolds:
If I summarized Glenn Reynold's response to my post on his hyping of a small correction to GISS data, you would not believe me, so I'm quoting the whole thing:
Lamberted! But no Instalanche.

Later: In an update: "Matthew Yglesias links to Tim Lambert, obviously deeming him a reputable source. Hey, this is about politics; not accuracy." Yglesias has been off his game lately.

More: Brad Plumer has been fooled, too.
Yes, Reynolds is enough of an egomaniac to think that I wrote my post because I was hoping to get an Instalanche. In fact, I wrote it to correct his hype. The change meant that 1998 and 1934 went from being in a statistical tie to being in a statistical tie, and no-one had ever reported that NASA had 1998 as the warmest in the US. The JF Beck post he links to doesn't dispute that, instead Beck repeatedly calls me a liar. But apparently that's enough for Reynolds -- he seems to genuinely believe that Matthew Yglesias and Brad Plumer are discredited just because they linked to my post. But hey, at least he linked to them. Do you think that in Reynold's imagination Plumer was at first elated to get OMG! an Instalanche, but then Oh No! shattered to find that Reynolds had refuted his post?
Being a serial misrepresenter, Lambert is, of course, playing fast and loose with the truth.

Lambert certainly isn't interested in a link from Reynolds, which explains Lambert's emails to Reynolds informing him of his attacks -- Lambert hasn't exactly begged for a link but damn near.

Lambert the egomaniac imagines Reynolds' link to my post is a response to his earlier post on the correction of GISS data. Wrong, my post only mentions the data correction in passing (and I don't even mention the years 1934 and 1998), concentrating instead on Lambert's typically slimy tactics: specifically, his erroneous charge that Taranto confused U.S. and global temperatures.

His latest post is more of the same old dishonest Lambert bullshit: Reynolds didn't say Lambert was looking for an Instalanche, I said it; I didn't call him a liar even once (not in that post, at least), saying instead that he's dishonest; and Lambert doesn't dispute my contention he is dishonest in accusing Taranto of getting it wrong.

It's no wonder then that "Lambert" is shorthand for "dishonest attack".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this Lambert character always use such weaselly tactics? It seems thew "straw man" approach is the most promenent in his arsenal.

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