Thursday, August 16, 2007


According to ABC Australia:
The Wikiscanner site shows the CIA has edited entries on many issues relating to the United States Government, including presidential biographies and descriptions of military operations.
Yahoo sees it a bit differently:
WikiScanner itself has a list of links on its sidebar to questionable edits made by people within the CIA, Fox News, The New York Times, BBC, Vatican, and other high profile organizations.
As does The Australian:
Many of the edits are predictably self-interested. For example, PCs in the Church of Scientology were used to remove criticism in the church's Wikipedia entry. But others hint at bored office workers, such as the tweaks to Wikipedia articles on TV shows being made from CIA computers.
The most interesting edit from a CIA computer (so far) is this one for singer Stacy Lattisaw (who? -- Ed.):
She dumped her first boyfriend to be with Gill, who in turn had took her virginity and left her.
Closer Congressional oversight is obviously required.

Via Wired's Threat Level.


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