Monday, August 13, 2007


Always hopeful of provoking an Instalanche, serial misrepresenter Tim Lambert has a go at a short Opinion Journal piece linked by Glenn Reynolds:
The link goes to James Taranto, who gets his facts wrong, confusing the US temperature with the global temperature. Reynolds doesn't notice.
Nowhere in the linked piece does Taranto confuse "the US temperature with the global temperature". If, as Lambert claims, the revised US temperature is insignificant, why is such dishonesty necessary? Well, Lambert's trying to divert attention away from the error because it's the error itself, and not the size of the error, that's significant: if there's one mistake there could well be others.

Anyway, James Taranto is now added to the list of the Lamberted.

Update: Deltoid commenter Herb West reckons Lambert has it wrong:
I read your link. Nowhere did Taranto confuse US with global temperature. His block quote explicitly refers to "US temperature data".
Lambert maintains he's right:
Herb, "US temperature data" in his quote is a reference to Since Taranto refers to "global warming" twice, it seems clear that he thought the "1998 is no longer the warmest" thing refers to global temps.
Read the Taranto piece yourself and decide who's right.

Update II: Catallaxy's Jason Soon on Lambert's veracity and tactics:
I'm sorry I doubted you before Beck but Lambert is a truly dishonest, smear by association hobbit.
Well, it's nice to see that Soon, who likes neither my style nor much of my content, now knows I'm right about Lambert being dishonest.

Update III: Matthew Yglesias links to Tim Lambert, obviously deeming him a reputable source. Hey, this is about politics; not accuracy.

Update IV: Two long and detailed examinations of Lambert in action: an attack on the Global Malaria Programme's Arata Kochi; and an attack on John Berlau that backfires spectacularly. Funny how a scientist can be so wrong so consistently.

Update V: Go here for the latest developments.


Anonymous Dylan said...

Great job - and now for the Istalanche! :)

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Jabba the Tutt said...

Lambert, look on the bright side, there aren't many people immortalized by their name being used as a verb or a concept. There's "borked", "lewinsky", Bismarck Herring and Napoleon Brandy. But like the man, who was to be the center of attention by being hanged, 'you'd rather not have the honor'.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous RW said...

Remember, "the science is settled". It's just that they'll tell you which science to use....

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Lambert is a "computer scientist", I know this because he says so on his web site. So if you are not a scientist like him, you should just shut up and let him speak because he knows better that the likes of you lot.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matthew Yglesias has a degree in philosophy from Harvard. I can't quite sort this out but, someone got cheated. Either Harvard got cheated giving a degree to someone who didn't deserve it or Matt got cheated in not getting the education he paid for.

3:11 AM  

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