Tuesday, September 04, 2007


During a discussion of the pluses of drug use, marijuana's downside is revealed:
"... smoking dope... can be the conduit for people to start smoking tobacco".
And anyway, drugs are nowhere near as dangerous as professional sports:
Not half as dangerous as football itself. Has anybody calculated the cost to the taxpayer of retired footballers on disability pensions because of the way they continuously smashed up their bodies while younger? Not that I think they shouldn’t get those pensions.
The nutty comments are easily explained:
Welcome to the reality of the Queens of the Stone Age: “Nicotine valium vicadin marijuana ecstacy and alcohol Co-co-co-co-co-cocaine…”

In the past eight days I’ve consumed 5 of the 7 drugs mentioned.
That last comment nicely sums up the Larvatus Prodeo experience.


Anonymous perry said...

Have any of these so called 'experts' actually inhaled ? I've smoked the evil weed (and only the evil weed) for more that thirty years without any problems or signs of mental degradation. If you believe the governments' spin, I should have been lying dead in a gutter somewhere with a needle hanging out of my arm twenty years ago. Contrary to a popular myth, I've worked bloody hard in all those years and paid for my habit, which currently costs me about $1-$2 a day on average, through that hard work. The really sad part is that I have to hide my identity, in case of persecution, for committing victimless 'crimes' rather than fostering an open and HONEST discussion.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous perry said...

A drug grower grows the evil weed because there is a market for his product. It's simply a case of supply and demand. If someone buys a car and kills himself or others with that car,are you saying that the person who sold him the car is responsible for those deaths? Each day in Australia an average 19 people die from the effects of alcohol. Can you cite a single case of someone dying from cannabis use only in the last say seventy years ?Speaking of dangerous drugs,it was only last week that I received yet another letter from my doctor warning me not to take the drugs he'd prescribed me (Prexige this time) for fear of the adverse side affects. The scary bit is that the letter arrived three months after I got said drugs from the chemist.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous perry said...

Lung cancer. A thiry year study, by far the biggest study to date, by pulmonologist, Dr Donald Tashkin, University of California has found that even heavy use of cannabis does not cause cancer. In fact, the study found that smoking cannabis provides 'some protective effect'.

10:30 AM  

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