Friday, January 11, 2008


Les Roberts of Lancet Iraq fame (or infamy depending on your point of view) replies via Tim Lambert's Deltoid to a Wall Street Journal editorial. This isn't surprising since Lambert is an obsessive Roberts supporter. But if it's possible to judge a person by the company he keeps, posting at Deltoid damns Roberts: just about everything Lambert has written about DDT and the fight against malaria is at least misleading with much of it being outright lies. Now Lambert's DDT nonsense has nothing to do with Lancet Iraq but is indicative of his total disregard for accuracy when reporting on important issues.

If Roberts was looking for a safe place to post, there's no safer place than Deltoid; it only took three comments before Lambert intervened to crush impure thinking:
TCO, why don't you use your awesome trolling powers for good, and post over at Climate Audit?
It's amazing how intolerant liars can be.


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