Saturday, March 15, 2008


New Scientist consultant Michael Reilly on getting the global warming message across to the ignorant masses:
People make decisions based on what they can relate to, and when they can't relate to stem cells or greenhouse gases, they simply don't care.

The way to solve the problem is by framing the issue. Here's a quick multiple choice question:

Which of the following scenarios best convinces you that climate change is a problem caused by people that leads to catastrophe?

A) The movie poster of An Inconvenient Truth (pictured above). It's a smokestack spewing out a hurricane.

B) Members of atmospheric science community who until recently said things like: "Well, um, we think it's somewhat likely to be probable that certain anthropogenic emissions are causing increased solar energy to become trapped within the atmosphere???"

If you picked B, you probably have a PhD. And that's fine - we need you all to keep doing your incredibly important work! We'd be lost without you.

But get real: Choice A is a show stopper. Choice B, a conversation stopper in all but the most erudite circles.
Lying is Okay so long as it's done for a cause you believe in.


Anonymous the_real_jeffs said...

Reilly doesn't want to sell "science", he wants to see conclusions, whether they are right or wrong. A completely different thing. Which is hardly surprising, coming from someone like him.

10:59 PM  

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