Monday, June 23, 2008


A reader points me to the now completed Roll Back Malaria Zambezi Expedition, which saw health care workers and journalists make a two month, 2,500 kilometre boat trip down the Zambezi River. The expedition aimed to raise public awareness of malaria in Africa, to provide health care assistance for those encountered along the way and to distribute insecticide treated bed nets to help prevent malaria transmission. A number of sponsors and suppliers supported the expedition. Photos and videos are available here.

The expedition appears to have accomplished very little: a couple of boatloads of specialists with medical supplies and nets would have virtually no impact and the adventure seems to have generated very little coverage by the MSM. The money probably would have been better spent on organizing the personnel and chemicals (maybe even the dreaded DDT) necessary to spray inside the homes of locals threatened by malaria. But then mundane operations like spraying inside people's homes doesn't offer nearly the same quality of photo opportunities.


Anonymous the_real_jeffs said...

The expedition was all about them, not about malaria. Such a waste.

9:32 PM  

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