Friday, January 23, 2009


The BBC's Michael Voss explains why Cubans aren't driving late model Cadillacs:
Since the revolution which climaxed on 1 January 1959, Cuba has seen the attempted Bay of Pigs invasion, repeated assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, the collapse of its main benefactor the Soviet Union, and a decades-long US trade embargo.

One of the effects of the embargo is that the streets of the Cuban capital, Havana, are still filled with many of the same old American cars that were here when Fidel Castro came to power 50 years ago.
God damn Americans anyway. But hang on a minute, why aren't Cubans driving Toyotas and Audis and such?
The only cars that Cubans are legally allowed to buy or sell are those built before the revolution.
Mandated retro coolness and screw the emissions.


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