Friday, March 27, 2009


Turning off the power in a large building for Earth Hour isn't cheap:
For their office park of roughly half a dozen buildings in a commercial district that is largely deserted at night, they figure they would need to hire several additional security guards and several technicians to orchestrate anything approaching a near instantaneous blackout of all buildings. Because all such personnel are union employees, they would all have to be paid for a minimum of four hours.

"We're probably talking about a $5000 to $10,000 additional labour event for perhaps $100 in electricity savings," one of the building owners said.
Fancy these capitalists putting a price on saving the planet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yet somehow these nuff-nuffs "feel" the opposite - that EarthHour will somehow save money.

"One hour without carbon emission, electronic smog or electric consumption for millions of people around the globe- and also one hour of lesser noise pollution when many motors and machines are switched off - for an hour. It is said that the United Nations building will participate this year for the first time and for an hour it “will save 102 dollars”.

"Not a big deal really but with all the other millions of buildings participating this year, it would be a saving in billions of dollars for an hour."

Riiiiiiiight. "Billions of dollars" saved. If turning off all the lights for one hour on a Saturday night truly saved "billions of dollars," surely more companies and private citizens would be doing it already purely for financial reasons? I know Leftards hate hate hate evil capitalists and all, but the fact of the matter is that if turning off your lights for one hour on a Saturday night offered such a cost-savings, evil capitalists (and 'neo-liberals') would be doing it much more often than just once a year.

I also don't understand where the "less noise pollution for an hour" thing is coming from either. Flicking off your lights at the switch will make no difference whatsoever to "noise emissions," except perhaps if you have those annoying and toxic fluoro lightbulbs, in which case it will at least get rid of that barely-audible yet highly-annoying "bzzzzzzzzzzz" (I have very sensitive hearing and fluoros drive me mad). But stand next to a power station and it's going to be making the same amount of noise it always makes. Ditto for your home refrigerator & other appliances, unless you go completely 'off-grid' during EarthHour.

Do the true-believers of the AGW faith really not understand why we laugh at them?

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