Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Environmentalist Jonathon Porritt recently suggested that everyone should limit their procreational activities so as to stabilise world population at around 7.8 billion. Porritt later suggested that the UK population should be halved, but didn't describe the mechanism whereby this miraculous achievement might be realised.

Andrew Bolt picked up Porritt's absurd suggestion in a post titled "Save the planet! Cull the humans". Bolt-obsessive PP boy Jeremy Sear challenges Bolt's take on Porritt:
Question: does Bolt genuinely think Jonathon Porritt was suggesting the murder of living humans (a “cull”)? If not, isn’t his smearing of Porritt by using that word both wrong and offensive?

And doesn’t it make him look a bit silly? Particularly given his notorious sensitivity about having certain negative - but arguable - words applied to him?
This brings to mind some questions for Jeremy. How, exactly, is the UK population to be reduced by half without a "cull' or other similar form of population reduction?

Also, isn't Bolt right to be upset at being called a "racist' and "liar", or would Jeremy like to argue this?

And finally, doesn't Jeremy's "arguable words" comment render insincere Jonathan Green's apology to Bolt on behalf of Crikey?

Maybe it's time for Jeremy to shut up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say it again, Jeremy: the gift that keeps on giving.

12:59 PM  

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