Monday, March 23, 2009


A sad story no matter where it comes from:
"We've got ... mothers on the ward here now who are 13, 14-year-old mothers who are foetal alcohol syndrome kids and so they have learning difficulties and problems interacting with people and now they've got their own kids - and it's quite sad," he said.

"I have got a mother who has quite classic features of foetal alcohol syndrome, holding onto a baby that's got foetal alcohol syndrome, and they can't interact with each other."
What is to be done and by whom?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing short of a social revolution will start to address this inevitable result of a moral downturn that has been on the march since the liberating 60s. Useless State run Community Services and their armies of social workers add to the problem. Left leaning government lawyers, the thrill of being secular among trendies and a pathetic judiciary all contribute to this sadness. The MSM also plays a role by hiding it and not addressing it objectively. Mehaul.

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Anonymous John Surname said...

Sounds like Jeremy and his mother. Any wonder that he denies her.

11:22 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that program too. I think the solution is to recognize that there is no solution and basically do nothing. By do nothing I mean stop supplying welfare to these people which gives them the means to destroy their own lives. If they have to work they might get some sense of self respect and achievement that will break the vicious cycle that these people appear to be trapped in.

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