Friday, March 20, 2009


An excerpt from an unpublished letter to the Sydney Morning Herald from journalist and best-selling author Antony Loewenstein:
As an Australian Jew, I stand alongside the Palestinians with millions of other Jews around the globe. The tragedy of their situation, inflicted by Israel and the Western powers, requires a simple moral reasoning; Jews are no longer the victim.

Judaism is not Zionism. A far deeper understanding of human rights is necessary, not least because the Jewish state insists on invading, occupying and destroying the Palestinian existence, a reality rejected by the vast majority of the civilised world.

Visiting Israeli/American scholar Dr Jeff Halper is part of this noble tradition. We are among a growing number of Jews in opening the eyes of the Jewish establishment, who believe any public criticism of Israel is tantamount to treason and anti-Semitism.
The letter wasn't published because it requires a complete rewrite. Try to imagine the editing effort that went into making his books readable.


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Yep. That was vomit. I need a shower.

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