Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jeremy Sear in Mr Tough Internet Guy, standing up to The Man mode:
[J]ust how much should the company you work for get to restrict your political activities outside work? The staffer was not representing himself as a Telstra employee, or that his views coincided with those of Telstra, and provided he wasn't doing it on work time or from a work email account, what business is it of Telstra's what he does? Telstra management may not agree with the views he expresses - but so what? Do we really want a world in which the person who signs your paycheck gets a say not only in what you do at work, but also what you think or say outside it?
"Brave" Jeremy took down his original site where, if I remember correctly, he used his real name, replacing it with Anonymous Lefty after his then employer expressed disapproval. Another rule rewrite from Jeremy.

Update: Jeremy berates Legal Eagle for her blogroll inclusions. It's Okay for Jeremy et al at Pure Poison to link to a blog at which Andrew Bolt is slandered as a "fuckin fucked up racist Dutch cunt", however. The comment was in keeping with the general tone of the comments thread and didn't draw condemnation.


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