Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not much happens at Pure Poison over weekends, when the responsible adults tasked with vetting posts are out of the office. With time on their hands, the PP boyz conduct intellectual dishonesty debunking "research":
I find it hard to express accurately how incredibly distasteful I found the email I received this morning from somebody who writes for Pure Poison, asking about a post on my blog from last August, which I’ve since deleted, where in the course of a bit of complaining about the mental poverty displayed by a Fairfax columnist’s op-ed, it came out in comments that said columnist had some personal issues; Bolt somehow got onto it and took it up as part of his own vendetta.

This all happened about nine months ago and reflected well on nobody concerned, so what’s the point in digging it up now? I can only guess that the PP people are scrabbling about in search of mud to chuck. FAIL

Other than family and friends, who haven't these guys managed to alienate?

Update: PP boy Scott discovers Andrew Bolt's recurrent use of certain catch phrases. Bolt writes on a wide range of topics, often employing these catch phrases. The obsessive PP boyz on the other hand write mostly about Andrew Bolt.

Update II: When not thinking about Andrew Bolt, their thoughts turn to plastic vaginas and bodily functions.


Anonymous nic said...

What is it, 3-4 sites by the same people all with the same theme? There's something wrong about that lot that make the crew at LP look almost normal by comparison

7:50 PM  

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