Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Antony Loewenstein reveals his best blogging experience:
Receiving countless tips, suggestions and links from readers across the world, keen to engage in a respectful discussion over the Middle East.
Wherever this discussion is taking place it ain't happenin' at his blog.

His worst blogging experience (other than lack of reader interest):
It's often amusing, though frustrating at times, to receive brainless online, ad hominem attacks by critics and partisan hacks. The rules are simple: criticise Israel and expect abuse, such as hate mail, death threats etc.
Again with the death threats; the guy is fearless! By the way, check out the max head tilt on Loewenstein's interviewer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He moves in mediocre circles. That pommies web site might even have less hits than Lowies. I'd be rankled Beck and Blair that neither of you scored a hit with Lowie's favourite Australian blog sites. Then Lowie does go overseas for his inspiration even to the evil New York. That is when he's not seeking mentoring from those highly respected heavyweights Fisk and Pilger. Why do I sense loser every time I read anything to do with Lowenstein. Mehaul.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tzipi Livni? What does he have to do with anything ....

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Anonymous Al said...


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