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Scott Bridges recycles a six month old post (with 288 comments!) hoping to generate some discussion at Pure Poison. Unfortunately a crucial piece of evidence – a linked but now gone blog post – is missing:
I really wish I had a copy of that comment to reproduce but I can’t find one anywhere so my paraphrasing will have to do.
Bridges has in fact linked to the unfindable comment:
I heard Catherine Deveney speak in Daylesford last weekend, and it seems she really IS in the midst of a nervous breakdown or similar. She was talking about visiting a shrink and being diagnosed as possibly bipolar, and having Valium in her bag that she’s trying hard not to take.
Unaware that he has linked to the comment, he seeks a copy from the proprietor of the blog where it originally appeared, receiving a less than warm response:
I find it hard to express accurately how incredibly distasteful I found the email I received this morning from somebody who writes for Pure Poison, asking about a post on my blog from last August, which I’ve since deleted, where in the course of a bit of complaining about the mental poverty displayed by a Fairfax columnist’s op-ed, it came out in comments that said columnist had some personal issues; Bolt somehow got onto it and took it up as part of his own vendetta.
An internecine blog spat ensues, turning decidedly nasty with Jeremy Sear's arrival on the scene – it's an all for one, one for all thing with the PP boyz. Hoping to resolve the conflict I lodge this comment (complete with misplaced apostrophe):
Bridge’s Pure Poison post links to the comment he can’t find. It’s here.
A Grods groupie then makes a failed attempt at a gotcha:
a self-pwning from JF Beck...

beck links to the original COLUMNIST DOWN post by timmy. in fact scott’s PP thread also links to the same thread. Beck obviously hasn’t been following the LP discussion. here’s a tip: the fucking original post has been DELETED dickwad. however many times you link to timmy won’t change that.

D'oh! indeed, moron; I linked to Blair's post because that's where the elusive comment could be found, as appreciatively acknowledged by Bridges:
Thanks, Beck. I’ve updated the PP post with explanation.
Bridges' Pure Poison post is, in my opinion, nothing more than an attempt to generate some traffic by revisiting a months-old "controversy" – 288 comments!. What's really revealing is the outright nastiness of Jeremy Sear and followers in dealing with the ideologically sympathetic lefties at LP who do not support the PP boyz' attempt to manufacture a controversy. Pick up the comments here and see for yourself: the PP boyz are going to be famous no matter what.

By the way, Bridges' original post gives pretty much the same credence to the now gone blog post and comments as indicative of mental health issues as do Blair and Bolt:
Is it not possible that Deveny can have a mental illness and still have perfectly valid opinions, unshaped by that mental illness?
Regardless, attempting to use Deveny's state of mind as a springboard to internet notoriety is disgusting.

Update: Even though I'm not directly involved Jeremy aims his scattergun in my direction:
And there are many, many differences between me and Beck. I’m not obsessed with other bloggers’ private lives, for one.
Jeremy remains all upset about me blogging about the "private" information he and his lover make available online. Boo hoo. Jeremy on the other hand thinks about little other than Blair and Bolt.

Update II: Jeremy publishes one of the controversial "Hanson" photos but modifies it after his hypocrisy is revealed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Husky_Jim, I just saw that post and it's strange for a couple of reasons.

One is the one you've mentioned: the very first link on the GrodsCorp blogroll is....A Western Heart. Yeah, they've got it linked under a list of 'Bloggy badness' but aren't they saying the crime is the blogroll link?

Second is the line where Rogenous says: "I haven’t been the only person...". The other people who he lists as being concerned? Well, lets say person: it's Scott Bridges. Rogenous could only find one other person who was concerned about the blogroll link to AWH and - surprise, surprise - it's another PP blogger.

Nothing like a manufactured scandel, huh?

Final note: on the Grods site the guys are happy to speculate about whether blogroll links on Tim's blog can be bought and paid for. Over at Crikey they're just too gutless.

Like Jeremy "I'm only ethical at certain times' Sear, Ant Rogenous seems to employ situational ethics. Gutless wonders the lot of 'em.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeremy "Situational Ethics" Sear is a bit of a mouthful.

9:59 AM  

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