Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Antony Loewenstein protests being seen as anti-Israel:
I spoke at a rally, a handful of anti-Israel slogans were shouted, I’m therefore a Jew hater, Jeff Halper is obviously equally disgusting and the Jewish News could hardly be expected to advertise his visit. Like at any rally, some racist slogans at an event with 6000 people were hardly representative.
So let's take a look at Antony's photos from the rally. There's an Israel flag with swastika, numerous pro-violence symbols, Hitler references, another swastika and yet more Nazi images, none of which are representative of the peace-loving crowd before which Loewenstein spoke. Amazing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Antony got it wrong again. Tsk tsk. What is wrong with this highly respected author and commentator on high brow subjects that affect us all. Maybe he needs some 'mentoring' from his idols Pilger and Fisk. Mehaul.

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