Saturday, March 21, 2009


Omar Hassan, Monash Student Association's Education Public Affairs Officer, gets all excited at .06% of the university's students turning up to an event:
The Students For Palestine campaign has really taken off at Monash, with our third meeting... attracting 33 activists...
It's the 1960s all over again. This massive group is sponsoring a number of events including a lecture:
As well as all that, in a real coup for the campaign, we were delighted to announce that Antony Lowenstein, a prominent [pro-Palestinian, Jewish] activist is willing to come and speak on Wednesday the 1st of April. Author of My Israel Question, Lowenstein has been outspoken throughout the recent atrocities in Gaza, and his presence will provide a real focal point for the week.
But not prominent enough for Hassan to get Loewenstein's name right. In reality, author and journalist Loewenstein is neither prominent (current blog hit count 373) nor, according to a supporter, Jewish. Anyway, the mural painting and tree planting should be fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of the 33 people that turned up to the event. I personally know one of them - who is a Zionist Jew - who went to see what the pro-Pallies were up to. So make that 32. (And I wouldn't be surprised if there were more 'undercover Jews.'

It's all starting to sound like a Zionist plot to make these people look stupid.

9:18 AM  

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