Sunday, March 29, 2009


George Galloway, forbidden entry to Canada, should be allowed in for entertainment value:
So while I am personally not ambiguous that Canadians are missing anything substantial because Mr. Galloway is not present, there is the consideration that we may have lost an occasion of some dubious amusement.

For Mr. Galloway is not only a roughhouse debater, he is also one of those low-rent sad sacks who show up on pseudo-celebrity television. He was a "contestant" on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother - while still an MP - and there gave one of the most craven and embarrassing spectacles I think all of television has ever seen.

Let me quote from the BBC account: "During a Big Brother task to see whether 'humans can communicate with animals,' Mr. Galloway asked [actress Rula] Lenska: 'Now, would you like me to be the cat?' He crawled on all fours and then pretended to lap from her hands as if drinking cream, after which she rubbed the 'cream' from his 'whiskers' and stroked his head and behind his ears." The YouTube of this is the stuff of nightmares.

Should [Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism] Jason Kenney let this man in? Well, if there's a loophole under Outlandish and Oafish Entertainment, by all means.
That video's worse than watching puppies being fed into a wood-chipper.


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