Saturday, May 30, 2009


One of the PP boyz pounces on Andrew Bolt for linking to an earlier Bolt article containing an uncorrected error. Fair enough.

The most recent PP Bolt post prior to the one above -- also by Scott Bridges -- should itself be corrected, however. The post accuses Bolt of "smearing" Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor through the "cherry picking" of a single short quote from a 2001 speech. Well, even the President now admits Sotomayor should have "restated" her controversial view. The PP post should be updated to reflect this development.

Update: Much of the Bolt-obsessed action at Pure Poison happens in the open threads. Here a little known fact is revealed during a discussion of a Bolt post on Sophie Monk's Prius getting pounded by an SUV:
The Big car Vs little car was the argument used by Ralph Nadar back in the 70’s to have the beetle banned in the US (I kid you not) I wonder if Andrew is comftable being on the same side as Ralph.
PP regular surlysimon is an idiot, I kid you not. By the way, Crikey's Guy Rundle, who probably can't remember the last time he saw a real live female breast, has issues with Monk's endowment (pick it up at 1:55).


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